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eye trackingFollowing the high standards of today’s world of marketing, Optotech Ltd. is the first company in Greece that can deliver high quality innovative services guaranteed to enhance your brand image and sales using the innovative eye tracking technology.


Eye Tracking is the process of recording the eye movements using a detector (an Eye-Tracker). The detector traces two characteristics of the eye: the cornea reflexion and the eye pupil. Combing these two characteristics allows us to calculate the point where our gaze meets the object we are looking at after a calibration process for every individual.


The data collected via all these different eye-tracking techniques are presented to you in a simple and easy to understand form, while their evaluation can contribute to the optimization of your products, avoiding any future changes or even the need to redesign a product. The report include: Heat Maps, Scan Paths, Look Zones and Video recording. Optotech owns two types eye-trackers: a mobile one, ASL's Mobile Eye XG, a wireless eye tracker which can be used even in outdoor measurements, and a static one ASL's Eye TRac6, which gives the user the opportunity to record the eye movement in detail and in a broader spectrum of applications.


In cooperation with Emmetropia Eye Institute and Medotics SA, Optotech developed the R.A.D.A.R. Method.


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